Discounts for regular customers

As an incentive for regular cooperation we  provide discounts to registered customers.

For the amounts spent you will receive a permanent discount according to the table below. The condition for keeping the discount is a total purchase of at least 1000 UAH in each quarter (I-III) (IV-VI) (VII-IX) (X-XII). If the client does not skimp on 1000 per quarter, the discount amount drops by 1 percent.

Amount Permanent discount
on future purchases
2000 2%
3,000 3%
4,000 4%
5,000 5%
6,000 6%

♦ These discounts do not apply to discounted items (Promotion)

♦ Discounts apply to customers registered in our online store.

♦ Shipping costs are not included in the total amount of the order.

♦ The amount of discounts may change.

♦ These discounts do not add up with other discounts.