Engines for mini tractors


Minitractors are effective for cultivating land plots of 1 to 10 hectares. They can also be used on larger farms. Therefore, engines for mini-tractors are in steady demand among farmers and owners of dacha plots. You can order engines and spare parts for them at affordable prices at the TATA Agro-Moto online shop.

What to consider when choosing an engine for your mini-tractor

When selecting an internal combustion engine, make sure it is within the weight limits specified in the mini-tractor documentation. Also check for compatibility in terms of mounting pad mounting dimensions and shaft output (vertical or horizontal; tapered, threaded or keyed). Then finalise the motor search, paying particular attention to the 3 points:

  1. Power. Motors up to 7 hp are considered to be low-powered and are suitable for work on a plot of up to 2 hectares (lawn care, snow and leaf removal, cultivation). For an area of about 5 hectares you will need an engine for a mini-tractor with a capacity of 9 hp and higher. For professional farming tasks it is worth ordering a 17-24 hp motor.
  2. Cooling system. Liquid (water) systems better protect the engine on the mini-tractor from overheating during long working hours and heavy loads (transporting loads, deep ploughing). However, air cooling is easier to maintain. Therefore, we advise you to opt for it if you do not plan to heavily load the machine.
  3. Start-up method. The electric starter helps to easily start any displacement powertrain. However, prices may be lower for models with a manual starter.

TATA Agro Moto recommends buying a mini tractor engine with a spacious petrol tank to avoid frequent refuelling stops. Approximate refuelling intervals can be found by dividing the fuel tank volume by the declared fuel consumption (l/h).

Modern minitrucks are predominantly equipped with four-stroke engines. They are superior to two-stroke devices in terms of operating life, fuel consumption efficiency, environmental friendliness, and ability to develop high torque. However, 2-stroke units also have their advantages. Due to the peculiarities of design and the principle of operation, they are lighter and smaller, gaining speed faster. Therefore, they are often installed on light minitractors.

Difference between petrol and diesel engines for mini-tractors

Petrol engines for mini-tractors are cheaper, more compact than diesel engines and make less noise. The power of such power units usually does not exceed 12 hp. That is why they are the best option for light and medium class motor blocks and low-power tractors.

Diesel engines for mini-tractors are characterised by a more complex design, which provides them with durability and low fuel consumption. Diesels confidently maintain tractive effort even at low speeds. Their solidity helps the attachments and wheels of the mini tractor to maintain firm contact with the ground. For this reason, minitractors with diesel engines from 10 hp are in demand by farmers, builders and utilities companies.

Order your mini-tractor engine from our online shop

TATA Agro-Moto specializes in wholesale and retail sales of agricultural machinery, spare parts from Chinese and other foreign manufacturers. We offer motors for mini tractors at reasonable prices with delivery to any location. Partial payment available. In case of any difficulties with choosing an engine for a minitractor, you can count on the help of managers of the online store.