Engines for mopeds and motorcycles


The motor of your two-wheeled “iron friend” is one of the components that are subject to heavy loads and often fail. For this reason, Chinese engines for mopeds and motorcycles are among the most popular products in the spare parts sales market. After all, it is from this country that most models of equipment are supplied, the popularity of which is explained by its affordable price and fairly good quality.

The TATA Agro-Moto online store offers a wide range of modifications of the main element of such vehicles, allowing you to make a choice and purchase the unit your customers need.

Motorcycle and moped engines - classification by category

The division is made based on factors such as displacement characteristics. The generally accepted algorithm looks like this:

  1. The range of 50-125 cm3 indicates the use of single-cylinder and two-stroke/four-stroke samples in motorbikes and mopeds.
  2. Light motorcycles and scooters are equipped with engines from 125 to 250 cm cubic with one cylinder and two- and four-stroke options.
  3. Mid-class motorcycles have engines of 250-500 cm3.
  4. The heaviest equipment is equipped with motors with volume parameters.

To, for example, choose and buy an engine for an Alpha moped, an option from the first group is selected. The same principle is used to make purchases for more severe modifications of goods in this category.

Chinese engines for mopeds and motorcycles - a wide range in the product catalog "TATA Agro-Moto"

All products in this category are divided into three main groups.

Engines for Chinese scooters

Our online store recommends purchasing four-stroke modifications with the most suitable characteristics for your scooter at an affordable price:

  • power indicators within 1.5-10 kW;
  • cylinder working volume 50-150 cm3;
  • torque parameters from 3 to 20 Nm;
  • availability of reliable and economical air cooling.

There are plenty to choose from, but in any case you will become the owner of a motor with a high efficiency rate and minimal noise levels.

Engines for Chinese motorcycles

These products provide a number of significant advantages during operation:

  • economical working process thanks to an efficient fuel combustion system;
  • a convenient way to add oil;
  • smooth piston stroke guarantees minimal noise;
  • ability to maintain the required speed at low speeds.

Balanced load distribution across individual elements increases service life.

Engines for mopeds Alpha, Active, Delta

The specifics of driving on city highways with numerous traffic jams and frequent use on dirt roads in rural areas require an economical engine with easy starting and good cooling.

A profitable option for purchasing an engine can be made in our online store from the assortment presented in the catalog:

  • two types of starting - kick and electric starter;
  • liquid or air cooling system;
  • power within 2.2-7.5 kW;
  • cylinder dimensions – from 50 to 150 cm3.

Constant monitoring of new products from well-known manufacturers and current demands of the consumer market allows the TATA Agro-Moto company to constantly update and expand the range of products offered to customers.

Before placing an order and buying Chinese engines for mopeds and motorcycles at an affordable price, qualified managers will help each client with professional advice on all existing issues.

Delivery of goods is done to all regions of the country exactly within the pre-agreed time frame.