Engines for Chinese scooters


No vehicle is immune to problems with key components. Thus, scooter owners periodically encounter motor failure, and then they need to replace components or install a new engine on a Chinese scooter. In the TATA Agro online store you can profitably order fully assembled four-stroke models. We help you quickly select the right motor, taking into account the features of the scooter and your needs.

What are the advantages of four-stroke engines for Chinese scooters

The main criterion for choosing a motor is the number of cycles. In two-stroke engines, a full cycle of work occurs in two strokes of the piston: the first is compression and fuel injection, the second is ignition and exhaust gas emission. In a four-stroke, the same process requires four strokes of the piston: suction, compression, power stroke, exhaust.

We suggest buying a four-stroke engine for a Chinese scooter, because it has more significant advantages:

  • more torque – provides more consistent and higher power at low speeds, which is especially useful when driving at low speeds or when carrying passengers;
  • efficiency - a four-stroke engine consumes on average 30% less fuel than a two-stroke engine;
  • reliability – has a longer service life due to a modern oil supply system and uniform load distribution;
  • increased comfort - has smooth movement, and vibrations are practically not felt;
  • easy start in cold weather - a reliable cold start system simplifies starting vehicles at low temperatures;
  • noise – works quieter, making the trip more comfortable;
  • environmentally friendly – characterized by a relatively small amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Although the cost of this type of motor is higher, in our store you can buy a four-stroke engine for a Chinese scooter at an affordable price. In addition, it has a high efficiency, requires less fuel and lasts longer, that is, in the long term it is much more profitable than a two-stroke. And the money invested in the purchase of a motor quickly pays off with minimal noise and increased comfort while driving.

Reliable engines for Chinese scooters with the best characteristics

The TATA Agro-Moto online store offers the best four-stroke engines for Chinese scooters. For each model, a page has been developed indicating key parameters, knowledge of which significantly simplifies and speeds up the search.

In our catalog you can find motors for mopeds and motorcycles with the following parameters:

  • cylinder volume – from 50cc to 300cc;
  • power – from 1.5 kW to 10 kW;
  • torque – from 3 Nm to 20 Nm;
  • temperature maintenance - engines for Chinese scooters are mainly equipped with air cooling, as it is simpler, cheaper and more reliable.

The characteristics described above will help you choose the most suitable model, taking into account the characteristics of the transport. If you need help, you can contact our technical specialists at the specified phone numbers or using the "Request a call" button. They are ready to answer questions, help you choose the right model and place your order.

Powerful engine for a Chinese scooter with nationwide delivery

You can look at the catalog right now and study each motor in detail, including current photographs, detailed descriptions, parameters, and customer reviews. When you find a suitable engine for a Chinese scooter, all you need to do is add it to your cart and place your order by filling out a short form. You can receive your purchase at the Post Office or by courier throughout the country!