Engines for Chinese motorcycles


The engine for a Chinese motorcycle is a key element to ensure the efficient and reliable functioning of the vehicle. A variety of fully assembled models are available in the TATA Agro-Moto online store, which will be an excellent replacement for a failed motor. Each variant is created with an emphasis on the optimal combination of performance and fuel economy, meets the highest quality standards, and is equipped with advanced technologies. And right now we will help you understand the main features of this device.

High-quality engine for a Chinese motorcycle with any characteristics

In our online store you can inexpensively buy power units that differ in many parameters: from weight and size to the type of start, clutch, cooling. A separate page has been created for each model, so you can conveniently find out the necessary information.

The TATA Agro-Moto catalog is regularly updated with power units with the following characteristics:

  • engine type – four-stroke;
  • cooling – air or water;
  • ignition – CDI (makes starting easier at any temperature);
  • cylinder volume – from 50 to 250 cm³;
  • power – from 5 to 25 kW;
  • torque – from 5 to 20 Nm.

And these are just the key parameters of the engine for a Chinese motorcycle. On the product page you can also find out the fuel consumption, weight and size of the device, shaft length, piston diameter, compression ratio, clutch type, and so on. If you have any questions, please contact the support service at the specified phone numbers or through the "Request a call" function.

The best type of engine for Chinese motorcycles

A four-stroke engine is available in the TATA Agro-Moto online store, which completes a full cycle in four strokes: intake, compression, ignition, ejection. It first creates an area of low pressure that allows fresh air and fuel to enter the cylinder, then lifts the piston to compress them. At the moment of highest compression, ignition causes the mixture to ignite, after which the piston rises again, pushing the exhaust gases out of the cylinder.

The four-stroke engine for a Chinese motorcycle is considered the best for a reason, because it has many advantages:

  • noise level - it works quieter, because it has a smooth and balanced piston stroke;
  • efficiency - a complex fuel combustion system makes the 4-stroke engine economical;
  • lubrication principle – equipped with a separate system that provides a convenient process for adding oil;
  • power – demonstrates high performance at low speeds (useful for low speed driving);
  • working resource – lasts longer due to the load being evenly distributed between the elements.

The four-stroke is significantly superior to the two-stroke in key parameters, allowing you to enjoy comfortable trips without unnecessary noise, while consuming less fuel. Despite the more complex design, this type of motor is easy to maintain. In addition, it is ideal for people who care about the environment, because modern models produce less harmful emissions due to more complete combustion of fuel.

Best purchase of an engine for a Chinese motorcycle

You are in the right place for affordable moped and motorcycle engines. All that remains is to look at the catalog, study the suitable options in more detail, and then add one or more models to the cart.

To place an order, just enter the recipient's details, select the payment method and delivery method. We offer purchases by prepayment and cash on delivery. We trust the delivery of your order to trusted postal services, and if you place an order before 14:00, the goods are sent on the same day. This allows you to quickly install a new engine, and then enjoy a quiet or dynamic ride on your motorcycle.