Engines for mopeds Alpha / Active / Delta


A high-quality new engine can make moped trips more dynamic and comfortable, ensure safety in various conditions, and reduce fuel consumption. It is especially worth highlighting the engines for Alpha, Delta, Active, which are equipped with an impressive cylinder volume, a modern cooling system and a CDI system that simplifies starting at any temperature. Therefore, purchasing a new model from the TATA Agro-Moto online store will help not only return the vehicle to working condition, but also improve its capabilities.

Features of engines for Alpha, Delta, Active

The moped models presented are suitable for both busy city roads and for driving on dirt roads or light off-road conditions. And they need the same universal motor with overall high power, sufficient cylinder volume, and effective cooling.

You can find an engine for an Alpha, Delta or Active moped that suits your needs in the TATA Agro-Moto online store. We offer a variety of models with the following characteristics:

  • starting method - electric starter or kickstarter;
  • motor type – four-stroke;
  • cooling system – air (most common) or liquid (provides better stability);
  • power – from 2.2 to 7.5 kW (the higher the value, the more dynamic and responsive the ride);
  • cylinder volume – from 50 to 150 cm³ (larger size provides better traction at low speeds).

We are constantly adding new ones to our range efficient motors for mopeds and motorcycles at an affordable price, so the range of values may change. You have the opportunity at any time to select a suitable model from the catalog and independently study its characteristics on a separate page. It also contains a detailed description that will give a better understanding of the features of a particular unit.

Main types of moped engines in the TATA Agro online store

There are two types of engines - two-stroke and four-stroke. The first ones cost less, but consume a lot of fuel, are quite noisy, and their service life is significantly inferior to the second type of device. Four-strokes perform excellently at low and medium speeds, consume 30% less fuel, and their noise level is much lower.

In the TATA Agro-Moto online store you will find engines for Delta, Alpha, Active mopeds with different starting types:

  • electric starter – comfortable engine start using a button;
  • kickstarter - a pedal that needs to be set in motion with your foot (a simple option that does not require electricity).

Our range is regularly updated with air and water cooled devices. The first models use air flow to dissipate heat, while the second models use liquid circulation. Liquid system engines provide more efficient thermal management, especially under high load or hot weather conditions.

Quick purchase of an engine for Alpha, Delta, Active with delivery

Regardless of whether you need an air- or water-cooled four-stroke engine, equipped with an electric starter or a foot starter, contact the TATA Agro-Moto online store. Our team of experienced technicians will listen to your needs and help you choose the best option.

If you have already found a suitable model, then place your order quickly. You just need to add the item to your cart and fill out a short online form, providing information about the recipient, selecting a payment method and delivery method. We will promptly send your purchase so that you can install a new engine on your Active, Alpha or Delta moped as quickly as possible and enjoy your rides again!