Engines for walk-behind tractors


In case of severe wear or engine breakdown on a walk-behind tractor, the installation of a new motor will help restore the agricultural machine to its previous performance and even increase it. TATA Agro-Moto offers to order it in our online store. As a direct supplier of machinery and spare parts from leading manufacturers from China, we guarantee the quality of goods and maintain favorable prices. Delivery from own warehouses of the company works.

Petrol engines for walk-behind tractor

Gasoline engines are mainly equipped with cultivators and walk-behind tractors of a light, middle class. Therefore, their power is within the limits of 3.5-10 hp, occasionally reaching 15 hp. The advantages of such units include:

  • relatively low noise level (up to 20 dB quieter than diesel engines);
  • prevalence of spare parts;
  • affordable prices for new complete ICEs.

The potential of gasoline engines is enough to cope with the cultivation of the soil and the transportation of small loads. Due to its compactness and low weight, the self-propelled machine with a gasoline engine is easy to operate.

Diesel engines for walk-behind tractor

The power of a diesel engine for walk-behind tractors and other mini-equipment can exceed 20 hp, but models of 3.5-5 hp are also common. Diesel units are distinguished by economical fuel consumption and massiveness of the device. The power unit presses the walk-behind tractor to the ground, which improves patency and helps keep attachment knives in the ground at a given depth. It is customary to attribute the high cost to the minuses, but it is compensated by a good supply of motor resources.

If gasoline engines for walk-behind tractors are equipped only with air cooling, then diesel devices can also be equipped with liquid cooling. We recommend buying a water-cooled unit if you are going to carry heavy loads or use equipment for deep processing of large areas, complex soil. Such a heat removal system will extend the life of the engine on a walk-behind tractor and allow it to operate for hours without the risk of overheating and "boiling".

How to choose a motor for a walk-behind tractor

In addition to the type of fuel consumed, when selecting an internal combustion engine, it is necessary to pay attention to:

  • Power. Up to 7 HP enough to work with light soil on a plot of 6-20 acres. About 9-10 hp needed to cultivate an area of up to 0.6 hectares. If you have to work on an area of more than 1 hectare, you should choose from engines for a walk-behind tractor of 11-16 hp. Please note that when buying a replacement, the power of the new unit should be the same or slightly higher than that of the old ICE.
  • Number of cycles. Four-stroke devices are considered more advanced. They consume fuel more efficiently and produce less harmful exhaust for the environment. Two-stroke motors on a walk-behind tractor oppose this low cost.
  • Shaft parameters. Depending on the model, the technique may include the installation of a motor with a horizontal or vertical shaft. Also check for compatibility in terms of diameter and pulley mounting method (tapered, keyed or threaded).

The main characteristics of engines for a Chinese-made walk-behind tractor can be quickly recognized by marking. The first number in the name indicates the number of cylinders, and the next two indicate the diameter of the pistons. After the numerical part, there are letter designations, among which may be indicated:

  • F - standard series;
  • D, E - with electric starter;
  • H - with chain reducer.

After the main part of the marking, the power of the lighting coil in the generator can be indicated. The indicator is given in amperes (for example, 3A (36W), 7A (84W)).

Buy engines for a walk-behind tractor with payment in installments

When ordering in the TATA Agro-Moto online store, you can arrange a parcel on credit. In this case, the cost of buying a motor for a walk-behind tractor will be split into payments of equal size. The client is requested to repay them within 12 months. You can learn more about the service from our managers, as well as in the "Payment by installments" section.