Engines gasoline (air-cooled)


In operation, walk-behind tractors have shown that they are reliable, durable and practical equipment, which is difficult to do without in agriculture. But even with regular maintenance, the owner may be faced with a breakdown and the need to completely replace the power unit. In this case, you have to buy an air-cooled gasoline engine for the walk-behind tractor. The motor can fail due to long-term use of the equipment and natural wear and tear, as well as due to improper use or operation in conditions for which it is not intended.

Advantages of gasoline engines for walk-behind tractors

9 out of 10 presented walk-behind tractors are equipment made in China, since they have an affordable price and fairly good quality. Such mini-tractors are usually equipped with a gasoline engine (produced only with an air cooling system), or diesel engine (maybe with air and water). The latter has a longer working life, but is not economical, while a gasoline engine, on the contrary, is cheaper to maintain. They are installed on mid- and light-class walk-behind tractors, but the power of such a unit is only sufficient for cultivating small areas of land and performing simple household work.

Gasoline engines on air-cooled walk-behind tractors have a number of advantages, including:

  • quiet operation without strong vibration;
  • clear and simple structure of the device, which makes it possible to carry out repairs even on your own;
  • affordable price and small dimensions.

The TATA Agro-Moto website presents the most large selection of spare parts for agricultural machinery, components and engines. Thanks to direct deliveries, you can buy parts and engines at an affordable price, with a guarantee and the possibility of return.

How to choose an air-cooled gasoline engine for a walk-behind tractor

When choosing a motor, you need to consider:

  • compatibility of the design with the components and dimensions of the device;
  • under what conditions will the equipment be operated;
  • what types of work should she perform.

Predominantly, gasoline engines are four-stroke, since they consume less fuel, are more environmentally friendly than two-stroke and are more modern, but the second option is cheaper. In the TATA Agro-Moto online store catalog you will find both types of motors with different power and characteristics.

As for the other parameters, it’s worth considering:

  • motor power—for work on an area of up to 20 acres, 7 hp will be enough. To cultivate 1 hectare, it is better to install an engine of 11-16 hp. When replacing a power unit, you must choose either the same power or a little more;
  • shaft position - can be horizontal or vertical. Before ordering a motor, you should double-check the diameter and type of pulley mounting;
  • engine marking: the first number indicates the number of cylinders, the next two indicate the diameter of the pistons, the letter F indicates the standard series, D and E indicate the presence of an electric starter, H indicates a chain gearbox. Manufacturers can add the power of the lighting coil (indicated in amperes) to the labeling.

Payment in installments - when you urgently need to buy an air-cooled gasoline engine for a walk-behind tractor

At the height of the season, a lot of field work is carried out and the breakdown of a walk-behind tractor can have negative consequences for the farm. Especially when urgent equipment repairs are needed and financial possibilities are limited. In this case, in our online store you can arrange payment in installments, dividing the amount of goods into 12 months and receive the necessary components in a timely manner. Delivery is valid throughout the country.