Diesel engines (air-cooled)


A properly selected motor helps increase the performance of mini-farm equipment and the range of work performed. The most common options are diesel engines for air-cooled walk-behind tractors, which are distinguished by their simplicity, efficiency, and durability. There are dozens of different models available in the TATA Agro online store, so before purchasing, it is important to understand the key features of this type of device.

Characteristics of air-cooled diesel engine

Models with this type of heat sink reduce the temperature by circulating air flow around the heating parts. They are designed quite simply, but they effectively cope with the main task - maintaining the optimal temperature of the components, preventing them from overheating.

In the TATA Agro-Moto online store you can profitably buy an air-cooled diesel engine for a walk-behind tractor with the following technical characteristics:

  • motor type – four-stroke (economical, provide good control of air intake and exhaust cycles);
  • power – from 5 to 14.8 horsepower;
  • motor life – 5000-7000 hours of continuous operation, subject to proper maintenance;
  • shaft location – horizontal or vertical;
  • weight – 30-33 kg, that is, ideal for mini-farm equipment.

We have described only the key characteristics of motors for walk-behind tractors. You can personally see the description and study the parameters of each available model by simply selecting it in the catalog and clicking on the name or photo. A separate page will provide detailed information about the product, allowing you to make the right choice based on your needs.

Advantages of an air-cooled diesel engine

This type of maintaining operating temperature is more common than water due to its simplicity. You avoid complex fluid circulation systems and therefore potential problems such as leaks or freezing during the cold season. That is, air-cooled models are ideal for people who plan to perform small to medium-sized agricultural tasks but do not want to invest a lot of money on frequent maintenance.

Among the many advantages of diesel engines on air-cooled walk-behind tractors, it is worth highlighting:

  • increased reliability - fewer moving parts and the absence of a water temperature support system makes them less susceptible to mechanical failure;
  • performance - such power units are more efficient in using fuel when compared with classic gasoline models;
  • no need for frequent maintenance – the motor requires periodic maintenance, but you do not have to change the coolant often;
  • longer service life - such motors are less susceptible to corrosion and are highly resistant to wear than liquid-cooled models.

Despite the many advantages, some jobs, such as transporting heavy loads or handling large, complex areas, require the installation of a motor with a fluid system. However, if you plan to use mini-farm equipment for standard tasks (plowing the soil, sowing and planting, cultivation) and at low speeds, diesel engines on air-cooled walk-behind tractors are the ideal choice. You can personally verify this right now by examining the capabilities of the available models in the catalog of our TATA Agro-Moto online store!