Generator gas-gasoline TATA ZX3000 2.5KW

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The TATA ZX3000 2.5KW gas-gasoline generator is a backup source of electricity that ensures the operation of electrical appliances in the absence of a centralized power supply. A device for autonomous power supply of low-power household appliances is indispensable in the country, in the garage and other places where electricity is not available or is supplied intermittently. Due to its compact size, it is convenient to take it for fishing, camping, use it to connect equipment at outdoor events.

How it works

The generator converts the mechanical energy resulting from the combustion of fuel into electrical energy. The model is equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine of the 170F brand with a power of 7 hp. - economical reliable power unit. A synchronous single-phase alternator with a power of 2.5 kW was used as a power converter. The built-in regulator provides stable output voltage parameters. This means that the hair dryer, kettle, refrigerator and other connected electrical appliances are protected from power surges. The device automatically switches off when the permissible load is exceeded.

Model Benefits

  • Economy and versatility. The dual-fuel capability allows you to reduce electricity costs and choose to use gas or petrol in resource-limited environments.

  • Safety of use. The alternator windings of this model are made of copper. Due to their low resistivity, their heating is significantly reduced during operation with high loads.

  • Light weight makes it easy to carry and install the generator in the right place without any extra effort.

  • Low vibration and noise. The device can be used comfortably in residential areas.

Particulars of use

The main advantage of the model is the presence of a carburetor with a gas reducer. This addition provides multi-fuel use of the device. With a simple turn of the switch, the engine switches to the mode of operation from a propane-butane mixture or main methane gas. Such use of a generator significantly reduces the cost of a kilowatt of generated energy compared to running on gasoline.

The model is easy to use and maintain. To get started, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. press the power switch;

  2. move the carburetor enrichment lever to the "closed" position;

  3. open fuel valve;

  4. start the generator with a manual starter;

  5. move the enrichment lever to the "open" position;

  6. plug in the necessary household devices.

To produce 1 kW of energy per hour, the generator consumes only 0.3-0.45 m3 of methane or liquefied gas. Given the price of gas, the use of methane allows significant savings compared to the use of gasoline.

Time-tested TATA generators are actively used for domestic needs and for commercial purposes. A detailed consultation of our managers will help you decide on the model for your needs!


Alternator type Brush
Dimensions, cm 61 x 45 x 47
Engine cooling Air
Engine design single cylinder
Engine model 170F
Engine power, h.p. 7
Engine volume, cm³ 212
engine's type Gas/Petrol
Equipment Electric generator, instruction manual, warranty card
Form Factor Portable
frequency Hz 50
Fuel consumption, g/kW*h 374
Fuel tank volume, l 15
Guarantee 12 months
Instruction Yes
Launch type Manual starter
Manufacturer TATA
Manufacturer country China
Maximum power, kW 2.7
Noise level, dB 60
Oil volume, l 0.7
Packed weight, kg 42
Rated power, kW 2.5
Rotation speed, rpm 3600
Transport handles No
Transport wheels No
Voltage, V 220
Working mode Spare

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  • Manual seeders – 6 months.
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  • Engines – 1 year.
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  • Boat motors – 1 year.
  • Motor pumps – 1 year.
  • Generators – 1 year.
  • Motor drills – 1 year.
  • Motor cultivators – 1 year.
  • Heaters – 1 year.
  • Portable charging stations – 1 year.
  • Compressors, construction equipment, concrete mixers – 1 year.
  • Rechargeable trimmers - 6 months.
  • Battery mowers - 6 months.

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