Payment in installments

"Payment by Parts" from Privat Bank

Directly on the website of our online store, you can purchase goods with the ability to pay for its cost later. The order is placed in just a few clicks!

How the service works

  • Installment can be issued by the cardholder " Platinum ", "Universal gold " "Universal", " World Signia / Elite ", " Infinite ".
  • The option is activated immediately, at the time of payment for the order with a bank card.
  • In case of insufficient amount on the account, the purchase is paid for by credit funds. Commission - 4%.
  • Installment is available for orders worth from 4000 UAH .

This option applies to all products FOP GONCHAROV VIKTOR ALEKSANDROVICH ( RNUKPN 3356214252), presented on the site in the following categories:

  • Engines for minitractors .
  • Engines for garden equipment.
  • Engines for motorcycles and mopeds.
  • Engines for motoblocks.
  • Garden equipment.

Terms of the "Instant Installment" service

  • The minimum loan amount is 300 UAH;
  • The maximum loan amount is UAH 300,000;
  • The interest rate is 1.90% per month;
  • The real annual interest rate is 84.04%;
  • The maximum loan term is 24 months;
  • The minimum amount of the down payment is UAH 34.50 (min. amount of UAH 500/25 per month + 1.90%).

Terms of payment in installments

  • The loan is issued in the amount of UAH 300 to UAH 300,000 .
  • The initial payment cannot be less than the amount of the monthly payment.
  • You can repay the debt within 24 months.
  • The annual real interest rate is 0.24%.
  • The interest rate is 0.01%.

    Tariff schedule

    Number of payments, pcs.
    The amount of the commission, %1,11,73,35,57,19,31112,7513,413,613,815,1
    Number of payments, pcs.
    Commission amount, %.16,417,618,919,72121,823,22425,426,22728,5

Products in the above categories are presented by FOP GONCHAROV VIKTOR ALEKSANDROVICH ( RNUKPN 3356214252), in accordance with the provisions of the License Agreement for the urgent paid use of the TATA AGRO-MOTO Online Store software product (site https://tata-agro-moto.com/). The customer of this advertisement is JSC CB PrivatBank , NBU license 22 dated 05.10.11, which is the lender. The provisions of the program are taken from the official resource https://privatbank.ua/ . PrivatBank may change the terms of this offer. Details - link https://privatbank.ua/ru/apps/oplata-chast-ami

"Parcel on credit" from Nova Poshta 

Pick up the order immediately and pay during the year!

At the time of receipt nothing you don't need to pay. To issue The parcel can be sent on credit in branches New mail, where they are provided financial services*.


  • The amount is from UAH 1,000 to personal the limit client (maximum UAH 100,000 ).
  • - 0.00001% per annum, service fee - 2.5% per month, real annual the interest rate is 65.86%.
  • Cost of delivery and commission for transfer are included in the loan amount.
  • The loan is paid are equal in parts within 12 months.
  • Possible premature repayment without fines and additional commissions.

How to order service:

  1. Find out St personal credit limit in mobile application (in Personal office ) or in the department New mail.
  2. Select the desired product and order its delivery from cash on delivery in Nova mail.
  3. Come to department with passport, code and phone number to which Reserved parcel.
  4. Notify to the cashier about his desire take parcel on credit.
  5. Provide documents, to sign contract and pick up order.

In order to use service, you need:

  • to be citizens of Ukraine by age from 18 to 65 years old in;
  • use services New mail for the last 6 months in;
  • have good credit history.

Credits company NovaPay Credit, which is part of financial groups NovaPay is included in big family New mail. Details https://novapay.ua/credit/* Services provides " NovaPay Credit" LLC. License to provide funds in the loan, in particular on the terms of financial credit, issued by the National Financial Services Commission, Order No. 163 of January 26, 2017