Piston (CPG) TTG for gasoline engine CB-200CC, 63.00 mm, H-53 mm, set: 12 units

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Article: TTG-002-CB-200
Product code: 10358

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The piston group (CPG) is designed for the TTG motorcycle with the CB-200CC engine having a cylinder with a diameter of 63 mm. This kit consists of 12 durable components designed to improve the performance and durability of your motorcycle. Key parts included are cylinder, piston, 5 O-rings, piston pin, 2 circlips and 2 gaskets.
The CB-200CC engine, with its 63mm cylinder, provides significant power and efficiency. This CPG kit provides all the necessary components for a complete piston system replacement, including reliable rings, pin and retaining rings. This ensures a strong and reliable fastening of the piston in the cylinder, which helps to increase the service life of the engine.
The use of this piston group helps optimize the operation of the TTG motorcycle, increasing the efficiency of combustion of the fuel-air mixture, increasing power and torque. In addition, this piston group extends the service life of the engine due to its reliable design and the use of quality materials.
Given the high technical characteristics and reliability of this piston group, it represents the ideal solution for those who value the quality and performance of their motorcycle.


Center-to-center mounting holes of the muffler, mm 42
Distance from the pin to the top of the piston, mm 20
Engine CB-200CC
Engine cooling Air
engine's type Petrol
Finger diameter, mm 15
Guarantee 30 days. Exchange/return of goods within 14 days
Height, mm 76
Instruction No
Knot piston system
Length, mm 158
Manufacturer TTG
Manufacturer country China
Material Aluminium/Cast iron
Piston diameter, mm 63
Piston height, mm 53
Set 12 pcs.
Sleeve height, mm 104
Spare part category Piston (CPG)
Weight, g 2233
Width, mm 144

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