Power generators for home and business

Buying a power generator is the best way to deal with power outages. Thanks to the extensive catalog of the TATA Agro-Moto store, you can choose a power plant for any power supply task: for private households, construction sites or workshops, for hikes and field repairs.

Types of electric generators by fuel consumed

The composition of a generator's strengths and weaknesses is largely determined by the fuel it uses to generate electricity. TATA Agro-Moto offers power plants of all types:

  • Gasoline generators. Easy to operate, therefore they are considered a good option for a generator for home and garden. The general disadvantages of gasoline models include the fact that they cannot continuously work for more than 8-12 hours. Because of this, they are of little use for operation as a round-the-clock source of electricity.
  • Diesel. Electric generators of this type are distinguished by: high motor resource, the ability to work without interruption around the clock, efficient fuel consumption. Therefore, they are often used as a generator for a home in the absence of access to mains power supply, as well as to provide electricity to industrial and construction facilities.
  • Dual-fuel. Even more energy efficient than diesel. Such electric generators support operation on gasoline and gas (butane or methane).

Inverters are a special kind of gas generators. As a rule, these are small portable devices with a power ceiling of up to 3 kW. Special advantages of mini-inverter stations — low noise, feed electricity without power surges, minimum fuel consumption at idle.

Three- and single-phase power generators

Household installations typically only produce 220V AC. Only single-phase consumers can be fed from them, however, due to their prevalence, this limits the scope a little.

Three-phase power generators are capable of supplying 380V in addition to the standard 220V. Therefore, they are often used for professional purposes (industry and construction). As a rule, the performance of units with three-phase support is at least 3-5 kilowatts.

How to calculate the required generator power for a house?

When choosing a power generator, it is important to consider that a device that is too low power will not be able to generate enough energy for all the consumers that you plan to connect at the same time. Because of this, you will often have to refuse to use some electrical appliances. Excess power will also become a problem. The cost of buying a generator that is too powerful may not pay off, and constant operation at a minimum of possibilities will lead to its rapid wear.

Therefore, before starting the search for a generator for your home, we advise you to make an inventory of all electricity consumers and summarize their capacities. Do not forget to correct for starting current if you want to use an electric generator to power a refrigerator, electric stove, washing machine or dishwasher, electric kettle. These and some other devices at the time of switching on consume power 2 or more times higher than the nominal one. For reliability, it is recommended to add a margin of 20-30% to the resulting total amount.

The warranty period for power generators purchased from TATA Agro is 12 months. For all goods, delivery by Postal services is available (self-delivery from the warehouse for wholesale customers - as agreed).