Spare parts for electric generators


Electric generators are the best way to provide a room (private home, office, store) with energy in the event of a power failure. However, the device is constantly subject to severe loads, which is why it periodically fails. To effectively restore the previous performance, reliable spare parts for electric generators are required. And you can buy them profitably in the TATA Agro-Moto online store, receiving a quality product with an official guarantee.

Key spare parts for electric generator

Electromechanical generator is a complex device consisting of a housing to protect internal components, a stator winding, a rotor, a relay regulator and a rectifier bridge. Key components include additional parts, that is, the general list of elements that may be needed in the event of a generator breakdown is quite large.

You can find them all in the TATA Agro-Moto online store. For convenience, we have divided spare parts for electric generators into key categories:

  • stators and rotors (the main parts that ensure the operation of the device) - stator and rotor windings, armature, coils, caps;
  • commutators and brushes (responsible for a stable electrical connection, directing current to the rotor windings) - switch, carbon and metal brushes, springs, contact plates, insulating inserts and screws;
  • bearings and seals (the first guarantee smooth rotation of the shaft, the second - protection from the influence of the external environment) - ball bearings, o-rings, oil seals, bushings;
  • thermostats and sensors (control the temperature of the device) - regulator, meter, valves, connection cables;
  • electrical component (responsible for effective signal transmission in the system) - wires of various sections, detachable connections, terminals and clamps, couplings.

The TATA Agro-Moto catalog has a convenient filter with all categories of spare parts for electric generators. You can select the exact part type and the system will automatically display the required components. This will significantly speed up your search, saving a lot of time.

Spare parts for electric generators of popular models

There are dozens of different models of devices on the market for converting the energy of mechanical movement into electrical energy. The most reliable and efficient energy sources include GN 1.2 KW, GN 2-3.5 KW, GN 5-6 KW and GN 7 KW.

To save your time, we have divided spare parts for electric generators according to the corresponding models:

  • GN 1.2 KW are compact, inexpensive devices. With intensive use, brushes and filters are most often affected;
  • GN 2-3.5 KW – suitable for various household and construction tasks. However, it tends to wear out regulators and starters;
  • GN 5-6 KW is an excellent model for industrial use. Often it is necessary to replace brushes, shock absorbers, air filters, relays;
  • GN 7 KW - each component is subjected to serious loads, especially often the replacement of the piston kit is required, which is indispensable when restoring the performance of the internal combustion engine.

Devices with inverter technology are in high demand to maintain a constant output voltage, reduce the amount of fuel required, and guarantee safe and stable power for electronic devices. And we offer reliable spare parts for inverter generators, including stator and rotor, relay regulator, filter element, pushers, motor gaskets and others.

Benefits from purchasing spare parts for electric generators at TATA Agro-Moto

The main benefit of visiting our online store is the quick purchase of reliable spare parts for an electric generator. You can go to this page at any time of the day, select the desired category and explore the available details. Then add the components to your cart and fill out a short form, and we will quickly assemble and send your purchases.

For payment you can use a bank card or current account (prepayment) or cash on delivery. We send the goods you purchase using a trusted courier service, and if you place an order before 14:00, the parcel is sent on the same day. And you will definitely receive an official guarantee, which confirms the high quality and reliability of the spare parts we sell.