Spare parts for mini tractors


There are many arguments in favour of using mini-tractors in farms and small rural households. These self-propelled machines are cheaper and more manoeuvrable than heavy agricultural machinery, and they do not require a driver's licence to operate them (provided they are not driven on public roads). At the same time, mini-tractors are able to perform a wide range of works. Compared to power tillers, they are more versatile due to a greater choice of power and attachments.

However, finding spare parts and consumables can be a challenge. With TATA Agro-Moto this is no longer a problem - here you can buy spare parts for your mini-tractor, choosing from more than 9000 products.

Spare parts catalogue for mini tractors

As a direct supplier of machinery and spare parts for mini tractors, we offer the best prices on a large range of products from the following categories:

  • Minitractor spare parts for the motor. The engine is the most complex part of the machine. It is sensitive to mistakes on the part of the owner. The most common causes of engine breakdowns are poor fuel, high loads, violation of maintenance terms. TATA Agro-Moto has the whole list of spare parts for Xingtai, Shifeng, Taishan and a number of other manufacturers: from adjustment bolts and gaskets to intake valves.
  • Cardan shafts. Cardan shafts are subjected to heavy loads during operation. With long service, overloading and improper lubrication, this leads to wear and deformation of forks, bearings, splines and other components. In the online shop you can find a replacement unit of a compatible size as an assembly or individual parts for the repair of agricultural machinery.
  • Basic spare parts for mini tractors. The constantly expanding range of TATA Agro-Moto offers about 2000 products for Foton, Jinma, Dongfeng and other Chinese tractors. Many spare parts for mini tractors from this section are compatible with machines of European manufacturers (before buying consult with the shop manager).
  • Other spare parts for mini tractors. This section contains universal spare parts and consumables, components for electrics and optics, fuel systems, pumps (oil, hydraulic, water).

All catalogue items are covered by a 14-day warranty.

How to choose spare parts for a mini tractor

When selecting spare parts, it is advisable to refer to the model of the machine. The easiest way to recognise it is by the marking on the nameplate on the engine housing. Also take into account that many components and parts for machinery from China are interchangeable. This allows you to find compatible mini tractor parts by size. Compare the characteristics from the product card with the measurements of the failed part - this will help to avoid wrong choice. In case of any doubts, please contact TATA Agro-Moto managers by phone or online chat.

When buying and receiving, please pay attention to:

  • Appearance. Before picking up your mini-tractor spare part at the Post Office, inspect it. It must fully meet the stated specifications and be free of significant defects. In case of confirmation of a factory defect, we will carry out a warranty exchange or refund the payment for the order.
  • Packaging condition. If the packaging is damaged, its opening and inspection of the goods should be carried out in the presence of a delivery employee. If the inspection shows that the minitractor part is damaged due to the fault of the carrier, you can expect compensation from the carrier.

If you place an order in the online shop before 14:00, the order will be dispatched the same day. There is no minimum purchase amount! Special prices are available for large wholesale customers.