cardan shafts


One of the main elements of the transmission, rear axle, and main drive is a driveshaft for a mini tractor made of a material that can withstand very heavy loads and is highly resistant to wear. The TATA AGRO-MOTO company offers a varied selection of such equipment manufactured by well-known brands of agricultural machinery known in the sales market. The extensive range of models presented will help farmers and individuals purchase the necessary spare parts at a favorable price.

Why are cardan shafts needed for mini tractors?

For a number of components it is impossible to achieve normal functioning without stable operation of the cardan. Its use involves equipping the following systems:

  • transmission - in this case, use in a gearbox is necessary as an auxiliary part to synchronize the interaction between the engine, the transmission itself and the drive axles;
  • in the linkage system, the cardan of the power take-off shaft, along with the friction clutch, serves as the basic element necessary for the operation of the linkage system;
  • steering – redistribution of steering torque to the wheels in a number of modifications.

In the online store you can get detailed information about the technical characteristics of any sample presented in the catalog and buy it with delivery service to all regions of the country.

Design features

Any driveshaft for a mini tractor is made with a basic base in the form of a safety clutch. This unit is necessary to protect against the risk of damage and ensure normal operation. After all, due to the increased intensity of work, there is a threat of failure of both an individual part and the entire attachment.

By type of design, couplings are:

  • radial pin;
  • friction;
  • with cut bolts;
  • overtaking

Friction samples capable of controlling rotation parameters to prevent overload are among the most popular mini tractor spare parts.

Structurally, such an element looks like a set of a pair of pressure and friction disks. The latter, when gaining high power, begins to overshoot and prevents the system from accelerating and running wild. This principle is relevant for use with high-power equipment. Examples include soil cutters and lawn mowers.

The main reasons for failure of cardan shafts for mini tractors

Signs indicating the need for replacement most often include the following:

  1. Vibration increases significantly. This often happens because the shaft is bent. Sometimes they try to straighten it, but it is recommended to install a new good part. This will prevent damage to other parts of the tractor.
  2. Loud clicks and sounds are felt. A sure sign of clutch wear.

The condition of one of the most important components of agricultural equipment should be taken carefully and seriously and regular preventative checks should be carried out.

How to buy a cardan shaft for a mini tractor?

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