Spare parts for tractor engines


A tractor is an indispensable agricultural technology that ensures efficient farming. Its heart is the motor, which converts fuel into mechanical energy necessary for the operation of elements and systems. However, the device requires careful operation and maintenance. In order not to stop agricultural work, if the power unit fails, you should immediately buy spare parts for mini tractor engines, taking into account their features. And TATA Agro-Moto, an online store with an assortment of more than 9,000 products, will help you with this.

Main categories of spare parts for mini tractor engines

In modern tractors, the engine is located in the front. This arrangement distributes weight better and makes handling easier. Inside there are many parts, including a piston, camshaft, crankshaft, and valves. Repeated load and heating cycles, poor maintenance, and mechanical damage lead to the breakdown of key components, and it is important to quickly find replacements for them.

To simplify the search for spare parts for mini tractor engines, we divided them into main categories:

  • filters - oil filters remove contaminants from the lubricant, air filters prevent dust and dirt from entering the engine, and fuel filters clean the fuel before supply;
  • piston group - pistons transmit the pressure of the working fluid to moving parts, rings ensure tightness and reduce compression losses, connecting rods connect the pushers to the crankshaft;
  • fuel system – injectors inject into the cylinders, pumps provide fuel intake under pressure, and tanks are used to store it;
  • cooling system - radiators remove excess heat, thermostats regulate the flow of coolant, and water pumps circulate it;
  • electrical components - spark plugs initiate the combustion of fuel in the cylinders, starters power the engine, generators charge the battery.

In the TATA Agro-Moto online store you can profitably buy spare parts for a tractor engine from each group. Separate pages with photographs and technical characteristics have been created for components, which greatly simplifies the choice. Thanks to the 24-hour operation of the site and prompt delivery of the Postal Service, you will be able to order parts and restore the equipment to working order in the shortest possible time.

What are the signs to determine if a tractor engine is broken?

Timely identification of a malfunction allows you to promptly buy spare parts for mini tractor engines and replace them, avoiding worsening the situation. To determine a breakdown, you should pay attention to key external signs:

  • cooling – a coolant leak indicates problems with the radiator, water pump, expansion tank, thermostat or thermostatic housing;
  • fuel– a strong smell of fuel, difficulty starting the engine, loss of power indicate a breakdown of the injectors, pump or filter;
  • lubrication – if you notice increased oil consumption or strange sounds (knocking, grinding), pay attention to the oil pump, filter, piston rings;
  • air supply – filter failure leads to uneven engine operation;
  • electric - difficult starting and loss of spark indicate failure of the spark plug, starter, generator or wiring.

One of the most common problems is stuck oil rings, which occurs when the engine is idle for a long time, the mechanism is overheated, long-term operation without changing the oil or its poor quality. Often the cause of engine failure is carbon deposits that form when compression increases.

Original spare parts for mini tractor engines from TATA Agro-Moto

Regular maintenance makes it possible to avoid failure of agricultural equipment and timely replace important components. However, it is not always possible to prevent breakdowns, and then it is necessary to quickly find suitable parts.

The TATA Agro-Moto online store operates 24/7, so you can visit the website at any time, explore the assortment and buy spare parts for mini tractors with delivery to any city in the country. We supply components from well-known manufacturers, offering favorable conditions for both retail and wholesale customers. If any questions arise, our technical specialists are ready to provide professional consultation to help select the necessary elements and restore agricultural work.