Spare parts for Dongfeng tractors


The well-known Chinese company rightfully occupies one of the leading positions in the global market for suppliers of agricultural equipment. The TATA AGRO-MOTO online store offers to buy spare parts for the Dongfeng mini tractor for prompt repair and maintenance of all models of such units in order to reduce downtime to a minimum and ensure efficient operation in the process of performing any tasks of soil cultivation, sowing and caring for plants , transportation of goods, use by public utilities.

Spare parts for Dongfeng tractors – when are they needed?

The specific application of mini tractors involves operation with increased loads and significant vibrations. In this case, it is impossible to avoid wear of individual components and assemblies. It is possible to reduce problems with failure of complex structural elements only by performing scheduled maintenance and preventive maintenance exactly within the specified time frame.

The degree of intensity of work in the field determines the reduction in the frequency of technical inspection and maintenance. Typically, experienced owners of such equipment study the condition of spare parts on DongFeng tractors and make a replacement after 500-1000 hours of operation.

The main reasons for potential breakdowns are as follows:

  • the operating requirements specified by the manufacturer have been violated;
  • emergency mechanical damage;
  • poor quality of fuels and lubricants;
  • unqualified adjustment of the main components of the unit;
  • overload level exceeded permissible limits;
  • violation of the maintenance schedule;
  • use of unsuitable parts.

Systematically checking the condition of all components, including seals, gaskets, air and fuel filters, will help avoid serious problems with the functioning of larger components.

Extensive range of spare parts for Dongfeng tractors

The TATA AGRO-MOTO company has been selling components and parts for mini tractors and walk-behind tractors on the agricultural and motorcycle sales market for several years. The product catalog presents a large selection of components for high-quality repairs and maintenance of all models of DongFeng equipment:

  1. Brake systems.
  2. Clutch mechanism.
  3. Chassis elements.
  4. Gearboxes.
  5. Fuel and brake systems.
  6. Parts for hydraulics.
  7. Electrical equipment, including starters and generators.

At the price from the manufacturer, you can buy spare parts for the DongFeng mini tractor from the categories most in demand by equipment owners:

  • original clutch discs;
  • secondary and primary shafts, PTO, clutch forks;
  • planetary and reverse gears;
  • radiator fans;
  • beams of various formats;
  • fixing and adjusting bolts;
  • hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic lifting mechanisms;
  • bushings, needles;
  • sealing, support, locking rings.

For all technical questions and order details, our managers will provide you with complete information and help you make your choice.

Advantages of purchasing spare parts for the DongFeng mini tractor in our store

In their reviews, TATA AGRO-MOTO clients note the following advantages of cooperation with a reliable and responsible seller:

  1. Ability to quickly contact a manager.
  2. Highly qualified personnel.
  3. Efficiency of processing applications.
  4. Several payment options for goods.
  5. Prompt delivery exactly at the pre-agreed time.

Purchase spare parts for Dongfeng tractors at affordable prices, we are always in touch and provide each client with comfortable purchasing conditions.