Spare parts for motoblocks


Breakdowns are possible for any agricultural machinery, none of them can be fully insured against this. Therefore, spare parts for walk-behind tractors are in great demand among farmers and owners of small farms. At TATA Agro-Moto you can buy them retail or wholesale, choosing from more than 2.5 thousand items.

Spare parts for motor block for engines

The performance and productivity of the equipment directly depends on the technical condition of the motor. Therefore, we keep in stock the entire list of spare parts for gasoline engines and diesel:

  • piston kits;
  • cylinder blocks;
  • crankshafts;
  • air and fuel filters;
  • crankcases;
  • gasket sets;
  • fans of forced cooling systems;
  • connecting rods;
  • flywheels, etc.

For internal combustion engines, it is critical to choose the right parts. Therefore, before searching the catalog, we recommend that you find out the motor model and check if it is listed in the list of compatible ones in the product card. If you have any doubts about the correct choice, please contact us by phone or online chat. Managers are quick to help.

Spare parts for walk-behind tractor for transmission

In small agricultural machinery, the transmission is the second most frequent breakdown of the complex of nodes. Malfunctions in it are indicated by the cessation of rotation of the working shaft with an active input, intermittent operation of the internal combustion engine and a discrepancy between its revolutions and the speed of rotation of the working shaft. Often these problems can be eliminated by simply adjusting the amount of lubricant in the gearbox. But sometimes such measures do not lead to results. If the diagnostics showed the presence of worn or failed spare parts on the walk-behind tractor, a large selection is available for repairs in such cases in our online store:

  • drive belts and chains;
  • reducers;
  • motoblock clutches;
  • gears;
  • drive shafts;
  • parts of gearboxes, differentials, etc.

The catalog also includes batteries, fuel tanks, optics, starters and electrics.

Checking spare parts for walk-behind tractor upon receipt

TATA Agro-Moto customers can send orders by delivery service. Before sending, we check the condition and completeness of the ordered spare parts for the walk-behind tractor. If a missed factory defect is revealed during the warranty period, and its presence is confirmed by examination, we will accept the goods with compensation for the cost and your expenses for the return shipment.

In rare cases, the goods may be damaged during delivery. If upon receipt you find that the packaging is damaged, we recommend that you check the condition of the goods in the presence of a courier service employee. If the spare parts are damaged due to the fault of the transport company, you can receive compensation from it based on the results of filing a claim and an acceptance certificate.

How to extend the service life of spare parts for a walk-behind tractor?

To avoid frequent repairs of equipment with associated high costs, follow these recommendations:

  1. Use for lubrication of the engine and gearbox oils only those grades that are indicated in the instruction manual;
  2. When installing the spare part on the walk-behind tractor, proceed carefully so as not to damage it. Check the correct location of the parts in the assembly and the reliability of fastening (for example, the degree of tightening of the bolts).
  3. Don't miss maintenance deadlines. This will allow you to quickly detect problems and change those spare parts on the walk-behind tractor in time, the final failure of which can lead to damage to the remaining components of the assembly.

Remember that spare parts for a walk-behind tractor will last a long time only if they are of proper quality. In the TATA Moto-Agro store you can buy products from official manufacturers of spare parts for vehicles from China. Therefore, we can confirm the quality of goods with a guarantee that is valid for 14 days.