Batteries for agricultural machinery


The correct operation of your mini tractor or walk-behind tractor largely depends on the correct selection and installation of each unit and individual element. High-quality batteries for agricultural machinery are of great importance for the normal functioning of the engine and eliminating the risk of overheating or short circuit in the rotor winding. In this case, saving on the purchase of a new battery usually ends very badly - the generator is very likely to fail, and repair operations will result in an impressive amount.

Types of batteries for walk-behind tractor

For most types of equipment, devices with parameters of 12 volts are used. There are exceptions only for particularly powerful and heavy units that use 18 V batteries.

Based on manufacturing features, there are 3 groups of devices:

  1. The most popular lead batteries - a balance of affordable cost with an average recharge life of up to 120 cycles.
  2. Polymer products are more complex in design and have a long service life, but their price is an order of magnitude more expensive.
  3. Nickel devices have both undoubted advantages and obvious disadvantages such as poor tolerance to vibration and high ambient temperatures.

The managers of the TATA Agro-Moto online store will help you decide on the best option from the walk-behind tractor spare parts presented in the catalog.

Battery for walk-behind tractor - tips for choosing

Capacity measured in Ah remains one of the main performance characteristics. The standard value for this indicator is 35-40 Amperes per hour. It is not difficult to calculate the continuous operation time of equipment if you know the exact energy consumption.

The capacity of each individual battery depends on the following criteria:

  • total number of plates and blocks installed in the internal part;
  • depending on belonging to a certain type - with the same dimensions, there are significant differences for polymer and acid samples;
  • used charging and discharging resource;
  • low air temperature negatively affects the capacity of any model, reducing it by 40-50%.

Energy consumption also depends on the planned specifics of the work. There is no need to prove once again that the consumption, for example, during the transportation of goods is much lower than the same indicator when plowing or cultivating the soil.

Where to buy batteries for agricultural machinery?

A large selection of battery modifications presented in our company’s catalog will allow you to purchase the device that is optimal for your equipment. Cooperation with a reliable and responsible seller allows you to experience all the advantages of high-level service:

  • only high-quality products with a mandatory guarantee are offered;
  • favorable prices on the sales market thanks to direct supplies from manufacturers;
  • choosing a payment method convenient for the client;
  • timely delivery to the specified address in compliance with the agreed deadlines.

For the convenience of customers, each page of the site has a search bar and a filter option, with the help of which it is much faster to find the desired part and familiarize yourself with all its parameters.

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