Spare parts for gasoline motoblocks


Spare parts for gasoline walk-behind tractors: a huge selection for all systems and components

Of all types of garden equipment, it is gasoline walk-behind tractors that are most in demand among farmers and owners of small farms. They are more affordable than diesel ones in price, easier to manage and more maneuverable due to the lower weight of the power units. But it cannot be said that such self-propelled machines are completely insured against breakdowns. For repairs, the TATA Agro-Moto store offers to buy spare parts for motoblocks Bulat, Centaur, Neva, Zirka, Zubr and other popular brands. In total, more than 600 items of goods are presented in the category.

Consumables and spare parts for gasoline walk-behind tractors

The wear of components in technology occurs unevenly. Because of this, some parts and entire assemblies fail faster than others and need to be replaced. Most often, problems occur in the engine, gearbox and gearbox. So that in case of malfunctions you can quickly put the self-propelled machine in order, the TATA Agro-Moto catalog contains a huge selection of the most popular spare parts for gasoline walk-behind tractors:

  • gaskets, seals in sets and separately (for valve cover, sump, cylinder head, manifold, crankshaft, etc.);
  • oil and air filters;
  • connecting rod bushings;
  • piston rings;
  • fuel pumps;
  • bearings;
  • sprockets, gears, pulleys and chains, housings, gearbox shafts;
  • clutch discs.

When ordering before 14:00, a parcel with spare parts for a gasoline walk-behind tractor will be sent on the same day. Delivery is carried out by the Postal Service (the cost of the service can be calculated in advance on the website of the courier service). Thanks to this, you can buy spare parts for a gasoline walk-behind tractor with cash on delivery upon receipt.

Spare parts for a gasoline walk-behind tractor: features of selection for a motor

Almost all modern garden agricultural machinery is equipped with 4-stroke internal combustion engines. Motors with a two-stroke principle of operation are occasionally installed only on motor cultivators and motor blocks of a light class (power up to 6.5-7 horsepower). If in 2-stroke devices fuel and oil are supplied from one tank in the form of a mixture, then in four-stroke devices a more complex and perfect separate injection is implemented.

Due to the complexity of the four-stroke engine, the requirements for the selection of spare parts become more stringent. To find compatible components, search strictly by model. Brand matching is not required. Chinese small-sized agricultural machinery, regardless of the manufacturer, is equipped with standard types of gasoline engines from the factory: 168F, 177F, P65F, 188F, etc. Thanks to this, the same spare part can fit engines from different brands. The same can be said about parts for other key components: gearboxes, transmissions, chassis.

If the compatibility of a spare part for a gasoline walk-behind tractor is in doubt, contact the TATA Agro-Moto manager. Leave a request for a call back or ask a question in the online chat on the website or in Telegram!

Why is it worth buying spare parts for a gasoline walk-behind tractor from us?

Best conditions from TATA Agro-Moto:

  • Warranty 14 days (for assembled engines - 1 year; for batteries - 3 months).
  • Competitive prices due to work with direct suppliers from China and other countries.
  • Growing discounts and tempting offers for wholesale buyers.

We do not have a minimum order amount - order only those spare parts for gasoline walk-behind tractors that you need!