Spare parts for diesel motoblocks


Diesel engines can last longer than gasoline engines, as they have a longer engine life. However, for a long service life of the walk-behind tractor, it must be properly looked after. Not only the power unit needs timely maintenance. TATA Agro-Moto offers a huge range of spare parts for diesel walk-behind tractors for all systems. We cooperate with direct suppliers of goods for agricultural machinery, which allows us to maintain favorable conditions for wholesale and retail customers.

Spare parts for diesel walk-behind tractors by engine type

Most self-propelled machines used by farmers are partly or entirely made in China. More than a dozen diesel engines are produced for such equipment: 170D, 192D, 180D, etc. In devices belonging to the same standard type, there are no significant differences in design. Therefore, the brand of agricultural machinery when choosing spare parts for a diesel walk-behind tractor can be ignored. The main attention should be paid to the type of engine. Its designation is given on the body of the power unit. Sometimes this information is also indicated on the cover of the recoil starter.

The TATA Agro-Moto store stocks all the spare parts and consumables you may need to repair an internal combustion engine. The catalog contains:

  • piston kits;
  • flywheels;
  • oil filters;
  • fuel pumps;
  • rods and valves;
  • crankshafts;
  • oil seals, gaskets, etc.

In direct connection with the engine is the gearbox. Therefore, this mechanism is recommended to be selected strictly for the characteristics of the internal combustion engine.

General spare parts for diesel walk-behind tractors

Manufacturers of agricultural machinery often provide for the complete set of motor-block bases of the same design with different engines. Internal combustion engines may differ in power, supported starting methods, type of cooling system (air or water). But at the same time, the same spare parts, consumables and components may be suitable for different models of self-propelled machines. For example, many spare parts for diesel walk-behind tractors with a 178F engine are interchangeable with the same components for 186F. This makes it easier to find the following products:

  • starters and push buttons;
  • generators;
  • ignition locks;
  • camshaft bearings;
  • fuel lines;
  • transfer belts;
  • bendixes;
  • levers, cables and other elements of the control system.

To correctly buy common spare parts for a diesel walk-behind tractor, study the product card. According to the information in it, you can check whether the part is suitable for the engine power, whether its characteristics match the required dimensions and the location of the mounting holes. If you have doubts about compatibility with agricultural machinery, please contact our technical specialists for help. Consultations are provided by phone, online chat on the website and in Telegram.


Mechanisms responsible for the transfer of force from the internal combustion engine to other nodes (including attachments) experience serious loads during operation. Therefore, clutch failure or wear to an inoperative state is a common problem. In our online store you can order this spare part for a diesel walk-behind tractor in different versions of the size, type and location of the platforms for the fork, bearings and shaft.

There is no minimum purchase amount in TATA Agro Moto, so here you can buy separately only those clutch parts that are out of order: clutch discs, basket covers, adjusting screws, housings, etc. Assembly and sending of the order by the Postal Service, provided that you issue it before 14:00, it will be executed on the same day.