The most important and heavily loaded element of the transmission assembly must be periodically replaced to ensure normal operation of the equipment. The TATA Agro-Moto online store offers to buy clutches for a walk-behind tractor at an affordable price to create the necessary conditions for transmitting engine torque to the box.

A correctly selected and installed part from the catalog guarantees smooth separation of the gearbox and motor during the speed change process. Thanks to this operating principle, the unit starts moving without jerking or stops without having to turn off the engine.

Clutch for walk-behind tractors - types of couplings

In our company's product catalog you can see a wide range of these parts, which are classified taking into account the design of the torque transmission mechanism.


These modifications are often called mechanical modifications. We have a large selection of individual elements for the 3 main friction clutch units:

  • driven part;
  • drive mechanism;
  • control systems.

Wear resistance can be increased by purchasing special pads to change the friction characteristics in any direction.


The original connection between the transmission and the engine, in which the operation of the walk-behind tractor clutch occurs under the influence of a magnetic field. As a result, the electromotive force is activated by a short circuit between the individual components of the magnetic field.

Hydraulic couplings

Technology of using working fluid pressure on the driven units of the unit. The division into hydrodynamic and hydrostatic clutch depends on the flow force parameters. Application is usually made for more powerful types of mini tractors.

Extensive selection of spare parts for the clutch on a walk-behind tractor

The most relevant parts for such units on the sales market are constantly monitored. After all, even at the first occurrence of difficulties with gear shifting or an unpleasant grinding noise, you may need to replace the following components that have failed:

  • basket lids;
  • drive and pressure type discs;
  • release forks;
  • open, semi-closed and closed bearings;
  • adjustment screws;
  • spring discs;
  • bolt caps;
  • coupling housings;
  • clutch assemblies.

All spare parts for walk-behind tractors and other equipment presented in the catalog meet the standards of quality and operational reliability.

Why you should buy spare parts from the TATA Agro-Moto online store

The main criterion when selecting goods to fill the product catalog is supplies only from reliable manufacturers with an impeccable reputation in the sales market. Many years of successful experience in this segment of the service industry is based on providing clients with service at a worthy European level:

  • attentive attitude to the problems and wishes of potential buyers, free consultations on technical issues and nuances of cooperation;
  • you can quickly place an order and buy clutches for the walk-behind tractor of the desired model;
  • loyal pricing policy, which is due to direct supplies of goods from direct manufacturers;
  • timely delivery to all regions of the country exactly within the pre-agreed time frame.

Your walk-behind tractor clutch will work like a well-oiled clockwork. To do this, just call the online store and fill out an application for reliable and high-quality products at an affordable price!

For regular customers, there is a special discount system that allows you to save quite large amounts on your purchase.