Spare parts for motor tractor


Structurally, the motor-tractor is a walk-behind tractor converted with additional attachments. This technique is designed to work in small farms and private farms up to 3-5 hectares. It is convenient to transport goods on it, and when installing attachments, it becomes an excellent assistant in agricultural work. Harrowing, hilling, planting root crops, watering, making hay - these are just some of the tasks that such agricultural machinery is capable of performing.

In the store of the direct supplier of spare parts for motor tractors TATA Agro-Moto, you will find everything you need to keep the equipment in good working order and make it easier to manage.

The main breakdowns and spare parts for a motor-tractor to fix them

Moto and mini tractors are characterized by good maintainability. It is often possible to put equipment in order without using new spare parts for a motor-tractor. But it is rarely possible to do without them in the following cases:

  • Wear of the piston group. Rings and cylinders gradually wear out, which leads to a drop in compression. Because of this, the engine loses power, and if the problem is ignored, it may even fail. To restore the performance of the internal combustion engine, we recommend buying piston kits in the TATA Agro-Moto online store.
  • Malfunctions in the fuel pump. The purchase of this spare part for a motor-tractor may be required if the motor "troits", starts with difficulty or stalls.
  • Nozzle jamming. Signs - a smoky gray exhaust, an increase in fuel consumption, a drop in ICE power. Depending on the complexity, the problem can be solved in several ways: by replacing the entire element, flushing the valve, adjusting the pressure with an adjusting screw. For prevention, the fine filter should be changed in time.
  • Damage to the cooling system. If part of the blades on the impeller is broken or the fan turns on the shaft, it will not be able to force enough airflow to remove heat from the motor. This is fraught with overheating of the internal combustion engine.
  • Breakdowns in attachments. Due to overloads and natural wear, shafts, gears, cutter and mower knives, transmission chains need to be replaced periodically. Lack of lubrication or its heavy contamination, maneuvers on the tractor with lowered attachments can speed up the failure of the listed spare parts for the motor-tractor.

In small agricultural machinery, the transmission is a vulnerable part of the design. Motor tractors are equipped with mechanical motoblock gearboxes. In such gearboxes, sprockets and gears, bearings, friction discs, and release springs are primarily subject to wear.

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Where to buy spare parts for a motor-tractor?

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