Spare parts for garden equipment


Retail and wholesale spare parts for gardening equipment

Garden tools from time to time need to replace worn or broken parts, consumables. Significantly extend the life of the inventory will allow repair using high-quality components. TATA Agro-Moto offers to order spare parts for garden equipment on the most favorable terms: at supplier prices, with reliable delivery and a 14-day warranty.

Garden Engine Repair Parts

Low power motorized tools can be equipped with different types of gasoline ICEs. In particular, in the assortment of TATA Agro-Moto, spare parts for garden equipment designed for motors are widely represented:

  • 1E33F/1E34F (1.6 hp) — for lawn mowers and brush cutters, trimmers.
  • 1E40F/1E44F (2.5 hp) - for lawn mowers and motor pumps
  • 1E48F (3 hp) - for gas trimmers, water pumps, brush cutters, motorbikes.

In some cases, due to the erased designations on the case or their absence at all, it is not possible to identify the model immediately. Knowing the diameter of the working cylinder will help you choose a compatible garden equipment part.

To take measurements without completely dismantling the unit, you must remove the muffler and lower the piston to the lower position. After that, a thin narrow object should be inserted from the side of the muffler so that it rests against the rear wall of the cylinder. Next, on this improvised probe, you need to put a mark at the point where the piston ends. The distance to it will indicate the desired size, adjusted for measurement accuracy. For example, if the result is 40 mm (+-1-2 mm), then you have a 1E40F motor in front of you.

Spare parts for garden equipment by purpose

The store's catalog covers a wide range of garden equipment parts of the following types:

  • Cordless saws: chargers, batteries
  • Chainsaws: spark plugs, starter parts, oil seals, sprockets, chain locks, gaskets and other consumables.
  • Motor drills: gears, augers and extensions, handles, gearboxes.
  • Motor scythes: bobbins, knives and fishing lines, shafts, controls, nozzles.
  • Motor cultivators: bearings, gears and worm shafts, gearboxes, filters, etc.
  • Sprayers: pumps, accumulators, mesh filters, etc.
  • Manual seeders: necks, wheels, sprockets, spare parts kits.
  • Gardening and construction wheelbarrows: wheel axles, handlebars, bearings.

In addition, there are tools for setting up and repairing equipment (multifunctional screwdrivers, wrenches).

Garden Equipment Parts Guide

Choosing the right spare parts and consumables is often not as easy as it seems at first glance. To avoid mistakes, consider:

  • Compatibility. Check if the list of compatible equipment in the description of the part mentions your type of garden equipment.
  • Dimensions and specifications. Examine the product card and make sure that the declared characteristics for it are the same as those of your old garden equipment part.
  • Package. Photos on the site are given as an example of a product. Parts for garden equipment from new batches may be completed differently. Therefore, before placing an order, we recommend that you clarify the details with the TATA Agro-Moto manager.

In order not to buy parts for garden equipment that are not suitable for your case, contact the technical specialists of the online store for advice in the chat on the website or in Telegram. You can also get help by phone - just leave us a request for a call back. In order for us to give an accurate answer faster, please prepare information about the manufacturer and model of the equipment in advance.