Two shades that give special features to this holiday ???????? The symphony of their combination is a symbol of independence and faith in strength. Above the cities of our country, they rise like flags of freedom, our belief in a bright and peaceful future.

They cross borders, appearing in arenas and concerts, on the streets of other countries. These colors have become a symbol of courage and determination, not only for us, but for the whole world.

It is not just blue and yellow shades, but also the reflection of the peaceful sky above our homes. These are golden fields, rich in harvest, sown and tended with love and care. This is our common history, our pride.

The TATA AGRO MOTO company would like to congratulate you on Flag Day and Independence Day from the bottom of my heart! May these colors always fill our lives with inspiration and faith in a peaceful future. ????????

On holidays dedicated to Independence Day, we work according to the following schedule:

08/24/23 – HOLIDAY (applications will be accepted on the website, orders will be processed and shipped on 08/25/23).

08/25/23 - WORKING AS USUAL.

Sincerely, TATA AGRO-MOTO team ????????

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