TATA generators work for victory

We are pleased to announce that TATA AGRO-MOTO has donated a generator to our guys from the Safari Special Forces Regiment! This is not only a transfer of equipment, but also a symbol of our support and teamwork for victory.

Our TATA generators are the key to getting closer to victory. They don't just function, they work to win in protecting our country.

We are extremely grateful to our defenders for their endless courage and uncompromising attitude towards the defense of Ukraine. Their sacrifice and self-sacrifice for the well-being of our country deserves the highest praise. We promise to continue to help our defenders because their efforts inspire us and support our shared goal of peace and security.

The guys from the "Safari" regiment express deep gratitude for our support and convey their sincere congratulations. Their contribution to ensuring the country's security is extremely important.

We thank our defenders for their extraordinary courage and unquestioning contribution to the future of Ukraine. We believe: everything will be Ukraine! Glory to the heroes guarding peace and freedom! Glory to Ukraine!

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