New Year greetings

Dear customers

TATA AGRO-MOTO sincerely congratulates you on the upcoming New Year! 

As we see this year off, we all hope for a better and happier future. ✨ May next year be full of new achievements and joyful moments for each of us! 

We believe that perseverance in achieving our goals will help us overcome any obstacles on the way to our dreams and new heights! May our main dream of a peaceful life and a happy future in a free Ukraine become a reality for all of us! 

We wish you good health, unwavering will, boundless happiness and great energy in this new year! Нехай let every day bring only positive things and new opportunities!

Our work schedule for the following days:

30.12.2023-day off

1.01.2024 - 3.01.2024-days off

With best wishes,


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